What's Blooming !!!

Encyvola Jairak Treasure 'Brown Bird' (Mericlone) Spiking, 3.5" pot, $30

Vanda tessellata x Vandachostylis Sasicha, In spike, $35

Fragrant 😍. This is a seedling, color may vary.

Miltoniopsis James Bradley, spiking and blooming, $35

Fragrant 😍

Vanda (Somsri Pink x Bitz's Heartthrob), spiking $45

Ramasamyara Jairak Blue, spiking $45

Very good bloomer

Dendrobium Jairak Blue Star (bigibbum x Jairak Blue), spiking $25

Paphiopedilum liemianum

In spike, 3.5" pot, at $35

This is a sequential bloomer that can flower for 3 months or longer

Thrixspermum centipeda

Spiking, 2" pot, $25

Vandachostylis (Darwinara) Charm 'Blue Star'

Spiking, $35

Rossioglossum williamsianum

Blooming, 4" pot, $35

Dendrobium purpureum

Blooming, 4", $45

Miltonia Juicy Fruit

(Binotti x Matto Grosso 'HCC/AOS)

Spiking in 4" pot, Fragrant, $35

Bulbophyllum affine

Blooming, $35