Events & Orchid Fest

Mark Your Calendar, 28th Annual Chicagoland Orchid Fest is on September 23, 24, 25, 2022 for detail please go to

2022 Chicagoland Orchid Festival

Guest Growers at Natt’s Orchids (To be confirmed)

1. Orchid Inn Ltd from Bloomington, Illinois. Sam Tsui Owner. Specialize in Paphiopedilum.


2. Orquideas Katia from Colombia by Gustavo A. Aguirre – He has been growing and collecting

Colombian orchids for more than 45 years. He sells Colombian species of Cattleya,

Pleurothallidinae, Chondrorhyncha complex, Miltoniopsis, Maxillaria, hybrid Miltoniopsis, and

other allied genera of Columbia. Pre-orders are being accepted until September 16th. Please

contact Gustavo at his Facebook( and

flickr( page or by contact him via email at

3. New World Orchids from Michigan. Kristen Uthus Owner. Japanese and other miniature are

their specialties. Website: E-mail:

Phone: 734-369-1776

4. Mei’s Creations of West Michigan, LLC Mei Ling Clemens, Owner.

Mei’s Creations offers Orchid Themed Clothing, Photography, and home accessories.




Phone: (231)557-2647